Meet Our Artists





I am 46 years young now! And really following my own path now. My graphic design job I developed myself as a surface pattern designer and illustrator. And I am still learning. I make surface patterns with illustrative elements and I love adding details. I try to tell a little bit of a story in my patterns. But I also love making other patterns like flowers, leaves and fish! I have no fixed process for my patterns. I just do what feels right at that moment. My inspiration? I find it everywhere! In nature, in magazines, in trend reports or just an idea that pops up in my mind!

Patricia Hooning




I am from Moscow Russia I paint flowers, retro cars, architecture, nature and more. I use watercolors and ink. My inspiration comes from nature and beautiful views.

Lili Savelieva





I am a print and graphic designer for fashion and interior product, with 5 years industry experience. I have worked with many highstreet retailers and hold a first class BA honours degree and MA with distinction. I love to create prints and art as well as all things creative.

Elena Malik






My world has a lot of different colourful views and I want to share it by my illustrations.

Yulya Vorotyntseva






I am Brazilian Designer. I have a passion for colors and textures. I bring with my creations a little bit of my lovely life.

Bruna Derolt